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There’s a saying we like at KCN that goes something like, “you can do good and do well.” Grammar teachers out there, we apologize. This phrase resonates with us because we truly believe it and continually work to make it part of our business philosophy and our outlook on life. 

Camping and being outdoors, we believe, makes people’s lives better. The fresh air, the sound of nature around us, meeting new people and spending time with friends and family – it’s all good and makes life better. We believe that the more people who can get outside and pause from the daily crush of life the better – and that all of us and our planet will be better for it. In part, our job at KCN is to provide places where our guests can do this – and we take this responsibility seriously. Our team has embraced the philosophy of Unreasonable Hospitality because we want to make our guests’ experiences so great that they want to get outside again, and again, and again. And whether they come back to stay with us or not (and we certainly hope they do!), everyone wins when we’re outside connecting, or re-connecting. With this commitment and responsibility we choose to support several organizations we believe in, and who we think also drive this mission. 


Care Camps provide a much-needed experience for kids with cancer, where they can live as normal kids for a week and enjoy the adventures of being at a summer camp. They can do this without the complications of their individual conditions, instead being surrounded by amazing nature and the support of a community of caregivers and other kids facing similar challenges. Fishing, crafts, activities, canoeing, ropes courses and more – all the things every kid should be able to do at summer camp!

“KCN’s support for Care Camps is making a tremendous difference with our mission to fund medically supervised pediatric oncology camps across the United States and Canada. Their philanthropic commitment and service ensures that more children and families can experience the healing power of community and the outdoors. We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with KCN.” – Gwynn B. Sullivan, MSN, Executive Director, Care Camps


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary non-profit health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. It was started in 1949 when the parents of Robert Roesler de Villiers watched him quickly succumb to leukemia at the age of 16 and they decided to start a fundraising and education organization about this terrible disease. Today they fund incredible research and clinical trials with a big focus on pediatrics – how to better help kids with cancer.


The Kamp Green program began at KOA in 2010, and it encourages campground owners and camping guests to adopt environmentally-friendly practices. Since being created the program continues to grow and embrace new sustainable technologies, products and ideas. Core principles include energy and water conservation, active waste management, and generally finding ways to lessen the impact our properties have on the environment. So far at KCN we’ve installed solar hot water heaters, EV chargers, replaced the lighting at our parks with LED, installed low-flow faucets and showerheads – and we’re just getting started.

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